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Bathroom pendant bathroom products such as technology continues to improve

Bathroom pendant bathroom products such as technology continues to improve, bathroom enterprises constantly upgrade themselves, sanitary products constantly breakthrough, a variety of water-saving sanitary products a flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, but consumers are feeling sweaty, " usually watch brand, then listen to the guide introduced, no knowledge, also do not understand " shops, Ms. Zhang told the author. See not hard, although now water-saving sanitary ware, sanitary ware has become the market mainstream, but consumers consumption attitude and not completely with water as a guide, but more value and appearance. Industry that, along with the sailor's upward, water-saving products will usher in a peak of the market, but the current water saving product market, water-saving products of water-saving performance was uneven, easy for consumers to trouble. Part of the 3/6 liters of water-saving product immature double double flushing sanitary ware for the consumer to buy mainstream products, 3/6 ware flushing methods fall to rush type, there is also a part of the consumer will try to 4.8 liters, 4.5 liters of " super water-saving sanitary ware ", this kind of use of siphon type and siphon jet flushing, flushing greater strength, shooting ability further, the noise is small, but the relative prices of some strong fall type ware slightly higher. In addition to water-saving sanitary ware, a number of taps by increasing resistance and foaming method to reduce tap the actual water flow, while not compromising the water feeling, achieving the purpose of saving water. In public places more commonly used induction type tap also began in the market popular. But because domestic water-saving products production level is uneven, directly led to the water-saving product properties differ in thousands of ways. Due to the production technology and the design of water saving technical differences, water-saving products market is not clear, although some businessmen said that its products of water-saving products, especially when used in sanitary ware, still need to be repeated washing, the actual use of a huge amount of water. Some ceramics company marketing director Liu tells the author, whether truly water-saving water-saving sanitary ware from the ceramic glaze, flushing and water control and many other aspects of design and development.

She just said, some technology, capital strength enough for saving water inputs and technical difficulties, resulting in the production of sanitary ware glaze is not smooth, very easy to dirty, prone to mildew, and interior design undeserved also can lead to ware flushing ability inadequacy, reduce one-time punching net rate, must repeated flushing, some 6 litres or 3/6 ware seemingly achieved state specified requirement of water saving, but " some 6 litres of ware once punching net rate is low, need to rinse again, which will consume 12 liters of water or even more, than the original non water-saving products more waste ". In addition, the author also found some stores, some 1000 yuan of the following sanitary ware also known as " water saving performance is good ", a brand of sanitary ware business unit general manager Fang Chun said, the current water saving sanitary ware at the factory and no mandatory water conservation detection, prices can not be judged ware water can only standard, " but some extremely exaggerated only 2, 3 litres of water ware is not reliable, the ware washing force is difficult to reach 12.5 meters, easy to cause the blockage problem ". Thus, in the purchase of high-end bathroom hardware products must pay attention to the time or quality problems.



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